About us


Dave Ross

Dave ventured out into the backcountry for the first time at fourteen years old and has been a fan of backpacking ever since. He loves to go fishing, hunting, and just getting off the grid. When he is not backpacking he spends time with his wife and children, works as a Paramedic on an ambulance, and is looking for the next greatest gadget to automate his home.


Michael Ralston

Michael is an avid backpacker and outdoorsman. It all started with his first backpacking trip at the age of eight. He is always looking for that next adventure. When Michael isn’t backpacking, he is out creating new memories with his wife and children. He also works as an Emergency Medical Technician in Sacramento. He is always looking for a way to save an extra ounce, trying out new products, or finding that trick to make life a little easier in the backcountry.


About RNR Adventures

Dave and Michael first met while working on an ambulance and both discovered they had a passion for not only helping others, but for backpacking as well. They soon started going on backpacking adventures that led to looking for new ways to incorporate their excitement for backpacking and helping others into their daily lives. Dave was excited when they came up with the name RossNRalston Adventures. Michael was equally excited about the name RalstonNRoss Adventures, so RNR Adventures was born. RNR couldn’t have fit any better into the backpacking lifestyle of a good long hike, that sense of accomplishment, and some much-needed rest and relaxation (RNR) off the grid.