Hidden Falls Regional Park, Auburn CA

Hidden Falls Regional Park is located in Auburn CA. Signs are available to follow on the drive there that make it easier to find. Parking isn’t hard to come by during the week day, but starting September 1, 2017, during the weekend you will have to pay for parking due to the high traffic volume and very limited space. If you are hiking to the falls and back, the total distance is about 3.2 miles. The trail is well maintained making it easier to follow.

smaller beautiful waterfall          First, you will encounter some switch backs that easily guide you down a hill to follow a nice stream at the bottom. From there, you will follow the stream until you have reached the falls. While hiking along the stream, there are many places to stop in the shade to relax for a few minutes. Along the way, you can encounter a few smaller water falls that make the hike more enjoyable.

Hidden Falls        There are a couple of benches placed throughout the trail if you need to rest before finishing the last stretcher to the falls. After you walk down the rock stairs, the trail continues to the right where the falls aren’t too much further. A nice platform was made, once you reach your destination, for a more beautiful view of the water fall. You can get a great view of the scenery around you and take amazing photos with friends and family with a gorgeous back drop.

Below Hidden Falls If you are feeling more adventurous, you also can climb the hill down to the water where there are many places to sit, put your feet in the water, or cool down with a nice swim. For a quick get away from the constant busy life, this is a wonderful place to visit for either the whole day or just a morning hike. My experience was very pleasant and can’t wait to venture back there again. The best time to see the water falls more active is probably early to late spring when the snow is melting from the mountains.

Share your experiences and pictures with us along this short, but beautiful hike.

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