Is stoveless the new trend?

Mountain House meals
Mountain House meals

Many people are saying that going stoveless is the next best thing in ultralight backpacking. Can this change how we eat our food when exploring the wilderness?

From reading many other articles online, people are saying it’s a new trend that many are trying out to save weight. No more carrying around those bulky canisters and worrying about any leaks.

Is it actually worth it? I have always carried some kind of fuel whether it be a fuel canister or tablets. I like having a hot meal at night when at camp, especially when it’s cold out. But if you are the type of person that’s a gram counter then I would give it a try.

Empty container
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Simply get a container with a screw top lid, place the food you want to rehydrate, add water then let it sit for 2 or more hours. Some will continue to hike while their food is re-hydrating in their pack or place in a pocket close to their body to hopefully get it warm. Mountain house meals can be done this way for those that like freeze-dried food. This method can help cover many miles, so when you to set up camp, your dinner is done.

This seems like a good idea, though I haven’t tried it. I have been curious to see how well it works. If anyone has experience in this, please leave a comment and share your experiences.

I will post another review after we try this out for ourselves. Thanks

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